Friday, June 29, 2012

Raffle to help victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado

I live in Colorado and have many friends displaced by the Waldo Canyon fire, several of whom have lost their homes. What's the Waldo Canyon fire? It's an over 16,000 acre wild fire burning in the Rocky Mountains that has so far claimed 347 homes and 2 lives. At this point it is about 25% contained. There are still around 10,000 homes at risk for burning and 30,000 people evacuated.
I'm in cahoots with Ima Zombie of Zombies & Toys for a raffle to raise money for the Waldo Canyon fire. Everyone who donates $5 to the Waldo Canyon fire is entered into the drawing to win a custom zombie bunny made by me!

Here's the info from the facebook page:
Alright Hoard & living peoples...

If you want to win a custom Zombunny made by Icky Dog Creations - Here is what you have to do....

1 - make a donation of $5 to help fire victims in Colorado Springs where Icky Lives...
You options are Pikes Peak Red Cross or Care & Share Food Bank
[link] or [link]

2 - fwd a copy of your confirmation e-mail to:

for every $5 you donate, you will get a numbered entry via e-mail from Ima Zombie.

The winning # will be chosen using [link]

You have till 7-7-2012 to enter...

If you have any questions - contact Ima Zombie....
Ready ... Set .... GO!

And a link to the Zombies & Toys facebook page:

Examples of bunnies: