Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ha! My first blog!

Yep! First blog. So, hi. How are ya? I'm doing fab. Don't really know what to write . . . so anyway, I have an Etsy store. I created it because I'm addicted to sewing and needed to, well, NOT stockpile all the plushies I was making! My store is called Icky Dog Creations. Named after my icky dog Zan!

There she is to the right. We call her icky because she smells like doritos. And she had extra toes as a puppy - the whole polydactyl thing going on. Except her extra toes had 2 claws each. Icky. She's a good dog though. A sheltie/boston terrier mix. And I wuvs her!

I'm married and have the most adorable 2 year old son named Ayden (above Zan there). I'm an RN, working in the Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs. I work both post-partum and in the nursery (where I help deliver babies!). LOVE my job!

So, there's a tiny glimpse at me. I'll be adding tons more, but for a first post . . . well, there ya go! Now go poke a badger and have a great day!


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