Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Secret Swap!

Ohhh, I have been such a bad little blogger lately. Sorry for that. So lets get down to business! I was recently involved in a secret swap with Karren of Square Jane. (I'm very retarded when it comes to creating links, so until I figure it out, see her here: ). The rules were very simple: make a plush for each other, and send it. We weren't allowed to discuss what we were making. Hence the secret in secret swap. Makes sense, right?

Well, Karren has a thing for sock monkeys. And I have a thing for zombies. And I think we're both pretty disturbed. In a good way of course. Disturbed in a good way. So anyway, I made her a zombie bunny who was holding the head (and eating the brains of) a sock monkey. He came out looking pretty evil. Here he is:

And here's Karren's reaction to him:
Though she did name him Cupcake! Doesn't he look like a Cupcake?
I'm glad she likes him!!!

But now for the good stuff: what I got from HER!!

I was so excited to get my package (which I got last Friday)! I tore into it with anticipation, drooling and nearly wetting myself (I'm only half kidding!). What could it be, what could it be?!

Rawr! A fancy leopard print monster!!!! Look at his manly chest hair! He's soft and cuddly, but only on the outside. He's vicious by nature. He'll help me in my quest for world domination! But not only did I get this cool monster, I got a monster wallet too!!!!

Here's Hernando posing with the wallet. Yes, I named him Hernando.

And my reaction:

Need I say more?

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squarejane said...

thanks so much for a fantastic and fun albeit slightly disturbed (in a good way) trade. what a blast! i love my cupcake!

Hernando's monster sub species is all about the ear hair. the celebrities of their ilk are as famous for their ear hair extensions as they are their torrid affairs with much older other monsters and their lack of acting or singing ability.