Thursday, December 17, 2009


See this? ----------------------------->

This is my icky dog Zan. She was up last night having a barf-fest. For like an hour.



In the bedroom, the livingroom . . . . .


Lucky for her I love her. 'Cause me and barf don't get along very well.

Jus' sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Mira once "exploded" in our office and we didn't discover it until the morning. It was nasty. We call it dogadiarrhea around here. They are very lucky we love them.

MAB Jewelry said...

Poor old pup, she has a delicate tummy. My orange cat is a puker. I'm not so good with it either.

jiorji said...

YAY!! a special post on Zan!! aww poor baby! did your mommy not give you enough treats?

Cami, how is it you're a nurse and deal with babies and placentas and all the other wonderful birthing stuff, yet puppy barf is...GROSS?!?! :P haha

i'd rather clean up pet barf than anything related to baby fluids.

i once had to deal with extreme cat diarrhea. Fun.. :\

Anonymous said...

she's so cute when she's not barfing!