Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Couple New Critters

Yesterday I was pretty productive! I got 2 new soul suckers in my shop! Yay!

This first gal is a custom order for a victorian inspired soul sucker (so she's reserved).

She has vintage lace and some steampunk charm!

And this fellow is Otis. He's kind of a metrosexual soul sucker. Um, yeah.

Like all my soul suckers, they both have real fur tails. My victorian gal has a red fox tail while Otis sports a coyote tail.

Hooray for new stuff!


jiorji said...

i love that victorian soul sucker. He seems almost too fancy to be out sucking souls. Hmm...that could be deceiving... hmmm...

MAB Jewelry said...

Ooo, the Victorian Soul Sucker is wonderful! And metrosexual made me laugh!