Friday, August 27, 2010

Actual things my son has said

If you have kids, especially toddlers, you know they can say some funny and weird things. My son Ayden, being my son, can say some really off the wall stuff. Enjoy!

"A monster took my beer! Come here monster! Give me back my beer!"

"My poop wants to stay in my butt."

"The grasshopper barfed on me."

"Mommy, I want the spider in my eye."

"He's not dead, mommy. He's just sleeping. He's okay." (said after he squished a bug)

"Stop being loud or the emergency will come and take you to jail."

"Yesterday, at school, there was an alligator and he ate me." (he doesn't go to school)

"Daddy, come fold laundry with me." (yes, he likes folding laundry)

"You can't take off my head 'cause it has bones in it. And then I'd be a zombie."

"Zombies eat babies."

"I saw a zombie and I said oh no a zombie no!!! And I shot him! You shoot the zombies!"

"The zombie will come and get you and make you dead."

"Zan the icky poop dog!" (which is true)

"Spiderman is proud of me for pooping. Zan isn't proud. She poops outside."

"Look mommy! Jesus has a slide! I wanted to go there . . ." (said anytime we pass a church)

I know I'm going to be getting A LOT of phone calls when he goes to preschool, kindergarten, grade school . . . . .

But like I said, he is my son, so it's only natural!

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jiorji said...

"Spiderman is proud of me for pooping. Zan isn't proud. She poops outside."
HAHAH that one's my FAVORITE!

i think i'd want a kid just so that they can be toddlers and say random funny stuff like that. THen after that, when they get in their teens..i dunno they can go away or something..

but YES! you'll get a lot of phonecalls. And i can't WAIT to read about it in your blog :D

too bad you live far or i'd offer to babysit. It would be so much fun with Ayden! :D