Friday, January 14, 2011

Damn my spicy lips . . .

So yeah. Mom and Dad had some delicious food. I think they called it . . . posole. I wanted some. They made me stand for it.

It was yummy. And spicy as HELL!!!

So I had to lick the kitchen floor. To get the spice off.

And the carpet. (they wouldn't let me bring in mulch)

And then I chewed some fabric. With my evil lazer eyes. To show how disgruntled I was about the spice.

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MAB said...

You know that spicy food will just make her laser eyes more deadly, right? Yesterday, Franklin stole one of my expensive Greek olives. . . and he ate it. Yes, he did. My olive eating cat.
Our animals are strange, Icky, and we love them.