Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Monday, how I loathe thee . . . .

Well, not completely I guess.
I was actually looking forward to today. Mainly because I can now switch my thyroid medication!!!!! Hooray!!
I'm hypothyroid and I was started on Synthroid about 11 weeks ago. Been tweaking the dose and having blood work done, but it hasn't been helping (still ridiculously tired, fatigued, cold all the time, dry, itchy skin, no appetite . . . . .).
Apparently, my body is doing a terrific job storing thyroid hormone, but has no idea how to utilize it. My body isn't converting it to the active form that my body can use. So, I've got plenty of T4, but I'm not converting to T3.
Which means Synthroid (which provides T4), isn't doing me a lick of good! Except giving me a big 'ol store of T4.
So now I'm on Armour. What's the difference? Armour supplies both T4 and T3. So I'll have active hormone for my body to use. Yay!! Which should mean that my energy level will go up and my other annoying symptoms will slowly go away.
So today, Monday, you're okay.

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Kiss of Whimsy said...

Hope it kicks in soon Cami!