Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Icky Sculpture!

You didn't think I'd forget to show off my AWESOME sculpture of my dog, did you? TheMidnightOrange did such a fabulous job!!! Seriously, her sculpture looks just like my icky Zan! I can't wait until I get it! These pics are the ones that she took - I'll take my own pics and post them when I get my mini Zan.

She's got her huge bat ears, her skunk stripe, and she's even eating a blanket! Which is just fantastic! See, Zan is an eater of all things. (thankfully only her things) We give her old shirts for bedding and she finds nothing more satisfying than eating them. Not just chewing them - she eats them. I'm surprised she hasn't had a bowel obstruction!

Here's some pics of her in all her icky glory!

I love my icky dog, and I love my sculpture of my icky dog! TheMidnightOrange did such a wonderful job! Stop by her shop and show her some love!


Bejeweled said...

What a cutie! Is that what's left of the blanket in the last photo? Your sweet dog really loves blankets!:)

And cute chinchilla you made too :)

Anonymous said...

Lol! That is so cute and your Zan is adorable :) My sister's golden used to eat her eyeglass frames and feather earrings, so at least your little pooch sticks to the t-shirts tee hee!

cabin + cub said...

Awww.. so cute. You captured that moment really well! ;)

Kate8085 said...

So freakin' cute!!
So glad to find another dog lover on here!
The sculpture is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What adoarable picks, obviously having fun! Question...what breed Basenji? Looks alot like my Basenji I had, but differant color.