Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Raggy Rat

I thought that it would be nice to showcase one of my favorite plush creators, and one of my inspirations - The Raggy Rat. I found her quite by accident. I had uploaded some pics of my plush rats to flickr and did a search to see if they would come up. Mine were there, but so were these fabulous critters:

Are these not the cutest little ratties you've ever seen? Her talent astounds me. Seriously. I spent an hour drooling over her flickr account. Well, probably longer. To say I love her work is an understatement.

She doesn't make only rats though. Oh no. I think she could make anything under the sun!
I mean, look at this fish! Holy crap!
I wish she had one in her Etsy shop - I would totally buy it!

And this badger? I swoon everytime I see him!

Please, check out her flickr page!
And her Etsy shop!
Show some love on her blog!
Perhaps I wax poetic, but I hope to be as skilled as she is one day.


Eline Oftedal said...

That is a cute collection of cosy animals! The fish is fantastic!!!
Thanks for shareing.


Mommy Bear said...

Aww so cute!!