Thursday, July 30, 2009


I live in Falcon, Colorado. Just a little east of Colorado Springs (about 60 miles south of Denver). Falcon is a little rural. Jeremy (my hubby) and I have 1/2 an acre of land. Not a ton, but definitely a whole heck of a lot more than if we had stayed in the Springs (where I swear you can touch your neighbor's house just by lifting your arm). We're also surrounded by fields. Vast open fields. I didn't like it at first (I'm a mountain girl), but I've grown to love it. The grasslands have a beauty all their own (and it helps that the Rocky Mountains are less than an hour away!). It's also very cool to have pronghorn antelope practically in your own backyard!

Now, these guys are on the outside of our back fence. Before we had the fence up, they would come into our yard and up on our porch. And I gotta tell ya, pronghorn make a sound very similar to the velociraptor 'cough' sound in Jurassic Park. Seriously. Kinda creepy.

Running off after Zan wnet barking after them:
We also have fox, coyote, ground squirrels, rabbits, tons of birds, hawks and mice. Here's a gorgeous fox that watched us for a while. I love his eyes!

And yes, this is right by our house. The fox walk along the top of our back fence. And they're fun to watch, pouncing on mice! I love where I live!


nina kuriloff said...

Fantastic shots!

I live in a congested city. I can't imagine living in the midst of so much wildlife.
The antelopes look very beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the wildlife (except squirrels when they eat your garden). We live in a very rural area also and have a lot of deer and coyotes...we don't see many of them because our Great Pyrenees, who guard our goats, keep everything away.