Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping according to Zan

Zan here. My people took me camping this past weekend, which was pretty awesome. Thought I'd share some pics with you from the trip. (mainly because mom's too lazy to blog, apparently).
I LOVE sticking my head out the window! All sorts of smells, cars to bark at . . .

These stupid little things were everywhere. I was so close to catching one, too.

I have one trapped in the pipe here. It made this annoying shrieking noise. I was rolling the pipe around, tipping it, trying to get the little bugger out so I could chomp it's head. But noooooo, mom and dad had to intervene. Didn't want me getting sick or some nonsense . . .

See???? Here's the rodent in the pipe! He's lucky mom and dad stopped me 'cause I would've eaten him whole!!

I claimed the whole back area as mine. Of course, that didn't work out. Yeah. I know. The kid's cute.

Damn straight I have laser eyes! I'm the Chupacabra!

The lake was fun. I got to play in the water and chase rocks the kid threw in while my people failed miserably at fishing.

All the chipmunk chasing and swimming sure wears a dog out.

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jiorji said...

hahaha i love Zan's butt in that last picture.