Monday, November 22, 2010

I hate the vet . . .

I decided to do my weekly post today, since Thursday is Thanksgiving and I'll be spending my time sneaking food off the table.

So, last Friday mom took me to the vet. Mainly because she's a dirty whore, but that's another story.

But see, she's sneaky about it. First she's all, "Zan? Wanna go on a car ride?"

Which makes me crazy excited!


I'm in the car I'm in the car OMG this is awesoeme I'm in the car!!!!!

But then I see where we are when we get out.

The vet??? WTF? Is this a joke???

See, the vet = shots. Me and shots don't get along. I tried to get out of getting shots.

Who can resist cute puppy eyes?????

The vet, apparently.

And then I was tricked again. Lured with treats.

I hate that they know my weaknesses.


Anonymous said...

Awesomely animated Zan! Happy Turkey week!

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, Icky, how I love you.