Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My shirt is bad-ass.

It says: Zombies hate that I am so awesome.

Which is true.

My very good friend got it for me. Because she is full of WIN! It's from tinaseamonster. Who will be my Feature Friday this week.

So I had to be obnoxious and take lots of pics of me wearing it.

Om nom . . .brains . . . .nom nom nom.

Ayden is in the background. He's jealous of my new shirt. And so are you.
I wear my seatbelt because I'm a responsible adult.
Who is obsessed with zombies.
By the way, did you notice how grainy the pictures are? Stupid &*%$@# camera.


Anonymous said...

too bad they didn't make scrubs that said that. Have a rad week!

jiorji said...

responsible adults take photos while driving??!! OF COURSE THEY DO!!!!!!!

i do it too MWHAHAH
nevermind rules against talking on the phone while driving...