Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Murder Mystery Part 2

I think what was so fun about the murder mystery is that it was completely unscripted. You were given background info on your character and, after the murder, confidential info that your character knew. Then it was your job to mingle, ask questions, bribe, and blackmail to get answers to solve the murder.

And Jeremy and I had no idea who the killer was either. We were just as much in the dark.

Here's Jeremy and our friend Amy.

Sarah, looking sassy as ever!

Arrrrrrrrrr! Louise be a dastardly pirate!

Jeremy (sans mask) and I. Oh. And that evil pirate trying to chop off his head.

Oh noes!!!! Heather and Jeremy were murdered!!!

Yep. That's Papa Smurf.

Me and my peeps!
And no one solve the murder!!!!! When the solution was read we were all in shock. It was the last person we expected. In fact, most everyone thought I was the murderer!
So much fun!! We will definitely be hosting another one!


MAB said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun. And you look hot, girl!

Jiorji said...

i LOVE your costume. And your halloween parties sound so awesome!