Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you know this man?

If not, you should. His name is Nathan Barnatt and he is hilarious. My hubby and I stumbled upon him of You Tube and it was love at first site.


Nathan is a comedian and actor and nerd. He has several personas he uses in his videos including Keith Apicary, Trale Lewous, and Ray Amsley. And all are awesome (though I have a soft spot for Keith and Trale).

His comedy is very physical and surprisingly clean. He does sketch comedy, songs, dance . . .everything, I swear. He's been in commercials, was on Auction Hunters and Community.

His SKITTLES SONG! One of the first videos we saw. I laughed so hard!

One of my favorite videos of his where he shows of his epic dance skills. Nathan dancing to Pop Culture by Madeon. Nathan correographed and edited the video. And it's full of win!

Now, I'm not gonna lie, but nerdy was never so sexy. Yes. I said it. I'm sure my hubby will think I'm crazy when he reads this, but I don't care. Nathan Barnatt has a nerdy sexiness that people need to recognize.

It's hard not to find someone with his energy and sense of humor attractive. He's now in my five.

And yes, his hair in the videos is how his hair is. And it just adds to his nerdy charm.

Subscribe to his You Tube channel and prepare to laugh!

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