Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Found a RAD giveaway!!!!!!

Hells yes I did!!!

The lovely Amber at What the French, Toast, is giving away a freaking awesome pair of slippers!!!

See?! Awesome covered in awesome-sauce! Needless to say, I want them!!! Which means I do everything I can to get more entries!

And it's so easy to enter! Pop on over to What the French, Toast and check it out! And not just the giveaway - her whole blog is pretty darn awesome.

As is her Etsy shop, acrudele!!

I mean come on! Who doesn't need kitty titty catnip toys?!?!

I don't even have a cat and I want them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Good luck to you. Maybe if you win you can zombify your slippers and chase Zan around the house in them. PS: I could make a giant squeaky boob for zan if you really wanted one.

Erica said...

those slippers really are awesome!