Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, I'm sitting around thinking what the hell should I blog? And I have this craving for pie. Like, for some reason I just wanna be smothered in pie. So then I start looking around the interwebs for, well, being covered in pie. And let me tell you, you can find some freaking weird things when you search the phrase "I want to be covered in pie". You know, fetish things. And I can't share that here. This is a family blog.

Okay. It's not a family blog, but I'm still not sharing it.

So instead, BABY ANIMALS!!!!

Coati mundi
Fennec fox

Sun bear


See? Aren't baby animals better?


prayingforfall said...

Ack! That 2nd one killed me!!!!!!

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, look at that little fox! Now I want pie.