Friday, February 26, 2010


So remember when I wanted to post walruses on Etsy? Well, my computer is cooperating with me at the moment, so I'm posting FREAKING WALRUSES!!!!!

Hell yeah!

This plush walrus from ArtTales is eco-friendly! Made from scrap fabric and stuffed with plastic shopping bags (as are all the critters in her shop)!

Walruses totally can't skateboard. Love this print from youwannatalkjive.
This crocheted, felted walrus from thebirdsandbees is too cute for words!
This is how I've been feeling the past few days! Walruses on my brain! This print is from NoosedKitty.

And everyone needs a walrus shirt. Seriously. This wonky walrus is from WonkyRocket.

Oh man I feel better!!! Don't you feel better? You know you do.

You're welcome.


MAB Jewelry said...

I feel better, and I really want a walrus shirt, too.

Lindsey said...

I'm really loving that orange felted walrus. If only I hadn't put myself on spending restriction after doing my taxes last night... [sigh]