Tuesday, July 6, 2010


That's right bitches. I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon.

And by jumped on, I mean that I'm reading the first book. Yup. About half way through it. And I gotta say, it is an enoyable and easy read.

I can also see why tweens and teens love it so. If I had read this in junior high, I'd totally be pretending I was Bella. And pining for a vampire.

But no. I'm 31. And while I can enjoy the book for what it is - a fun read - I can't bring myself to be crazy about it.

And by crazy, I mean this:

Ummmm . . . . .okaaaaaaay.

It seems that middle-aged women are trying to relive their teen years vicariously through the books and movies.

Earth to Twi-moms: IT'S NOT REAL

Seriously. Edward and Jacob are not interested in you. Get over it.


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You are a horrible person!

Anonymous said...

The twi-mom you spotted there just found this post and commented about it on facebook. "It's a small world after-all..."