Monday, July 19, 2010

Sooooo, ah, am I weird?

So I'm wondering what y'alls opinion on this is.Is it weird/strange that I'm fascinated by dead animals?

Let me explain: I love animal skulls and fur, taxidermy and the like. But I also like the ACTUAL dead animal. For example, if I'm driving down the road and see roadkill, I SOOOOOOO badly want to stop! At the very least for pictures, but if the animal isn't damaged I want to load it up and take it home. You know - maybe salvage the skull and other bones . . . . Or if I'm walking in the woods I'm constantly on the lookout for bones, skulls, dead animals . . .I haven't brought any home as of yet, because my hubby thinks I'm barking mad.

Well, let me rephrase - I haven't brought home any roadkill - I have skulls and furs and whatnot.

So what do you think?


Am I off my rocker?

Calm down people!!!!! It's just a roadkill CAKE!
I decided to keep in good taste and not share any real roadkill pics.

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Anonymous said...

your fascination isn't weird but I wouldn't eat that cake if you invited me over for a party. just sayin'...