Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been awhile . . . . .

Wow. It's been slmost a month since my last post. Which is both depressing and awesome. I needed the break from blogging. Needed to see if I still wanted to blog at all.

And you know something? I missed it. Missed just getting my thoughts out, sharing my art and plushies here. And missed reading my favorite blogs as well.

I will slowly get back into blogging. Maybe only a couple of posts each week to start. I may even overhaul my blog. Redo the layout . . . . . I'm not sure yet.

I'm sure I will have vent posts, my artwork, plushies, Etsy stuff, and musings on life. I've been doing more creative writing as of late, and it's quite enjoyable. Who knows, maybe I'll share a short story or some poetry.

Or maybe a picture of crabs.

Not the STD crabs. But, like, a real crab.

1 comment:

MAB Jewelry said...

Dude, good to see you AND your crabs!