Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What have I been up to?

I've had quite a few custom orders as of late. Mostly from people on Deviant Art. This latest plush I finished is one of the most difficult plushies I've done. Not necessarily because of a difficult, technical pattern, but because for some reason I just found making a hyena hard.

It took me awhile to draft the pattern. I looked at sooooooo many reference pictures of hyenas. After I had the pattern drafted, and the basic plush sewn up, I had to zombify him. See, the hyena is a character named Vosha - a zombie hyena with bat wings. He has just bones for the front legs, muscle showing on his rear right leg, and empty eye sockets. The front legs were the most difficult. I started with all fabric - and hated the look. Then, I did all pipe cleaners but the legs couldn't support the weight of the plush. So I settled on a combo of both fabric and pipe cleaners.

Next, the markings. I did them with markers. Yay! And yes, that's totally a maggot in his eye socket. Just for good measure.



I'm loving these custom jobs. Nice one!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

that is pretty bad ass! nice work.

MAB Jewelry said...

Okay, it's never good to start the day with a maggot in the eye, but this little guy totally pulls it off.