Thursday, May 26, 2011

My son is not gay . . . .maybe.

Strange title, yeah?

We all know my son Ayden. He's a ladies man.


He's all boy. He loves super heros, trucks, guns and bugs. He loves being dirty.

But, sometimes, I wonder.

See, I was shopping for shoes for a friend's wedding. Ayden picked out a pair and said "Mommy! You should get these. They would look so elegant on you!" Um, thanks?

Two weeks ago he was playing with a Transformer. He asked me "Mom! Isn't he cool?" To which I responded Yes! He's fantastic. Ayden got a very stern look on his face and told me "Mommy, he can't be fantastic. He doesn't go to fashion shows - he's not that stylish." I laughed. He responded (very seriously, mind you) "What? He's not stylish." No, I . . .I guess he's not.

I told my hubby (and everyone at work) that if he's going to be gay, he sure as hell better not half-ass it. He better be all-the-way GAY!!! I'm talking flamboyant fabulous gay. If you're gonna do it, do it right.

I was told by several people I was going to hell for that.

Only if I get to drive the bus. :D

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jiorji said...

HAHA there's no comment on this post?? WHYYY??

i think people are uncomfortable when parents of young children are OK with them potentially being gay. My opinion. I think. But i wouldn't expect anything less from you. I think it's great that you're embracing the potential outcome. Who cares? he's still your kid, gay or not he's going to be awesome! let him be who he is :)