Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project 365 - I'm Pretty Damn Awesome

Why am I awesome?

Glad you asked. Let me share things with you. I've been working out and eating healthy since mid-December. Finally inspired to get my ass in gear and lose weight.

Here - let me start at the begining. I gained over 40 pounds during my pregnancy with my son. 40. Freaking. Pounds. No joke. I gave birth weighing around 180. Ugh. So I was all 'yay! Ayden's born! Now I can lose weight!'

Yeah. Totally didn't happen. Well, I got down to about 160 and kinda gave up. And then last year I had a hysterectomy and was out of commision for another 2 months. My weight went back to 170. But even though I felt like crap, I still wasn't inspired.

Until mid-December.

What happened? Our good friend (who's a photographer), did a family photoshoot. And after that, I did some "naughty" pics for Jeremy. It was so liberating! It was fun! And I wanted to do more.

But as a thinner version of me.

BOOM! Inspiration!

Fast forward to today - I now weigh 152 pounds, and have 12 to go. I feel great! I look great! I have tons more energy and I'm much happier.

ANNNNNNND I get to go shopping!!!!!!!! That's right. None of my clothes fit! Woot!

Case in point - I thought I would never fit into these pants again. Like, ever. And now? They're too big!!! They fall off me! I fit into 2 pairs of pre-pregnancy pants!!!!!!

That's why I'm awesome.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Have fun on your shopping spree!

Luv2Have said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! That is so awesome, I am heading for the exact same goal as you, my pre pregnancy weight of 140 pounds, but I have so much farther to go. The naughty pictures sound like fun, I may have to keep that in mind! Good luck with your last 12 pounds!