Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zombies and Rats, Oh My!

I've been sooooooo productive lately! Which I'm totally impressed with!

That's right - I impress myself. Booya.

A zombie unicorn! With a disemboweled bear on it's horn! Why? Why the hell not!

The little bear comes off. Because that's way more awesome than it not coming off.

This is Ivan the rat. He's obsessed with everything feline. He left yesterday to his new home!!

And Ian the rat. Sporting fabulous ear hair!!!


MAB Jewelry said...

Okay, your zombie unicorn is the coolest thing I will see all day. It needs its own show on Cartoon Network.

Anonymous said...

I agree... unicorn is awesome. So awesome that I linked your post in my face book for all my peeps to see.

btw, both bloggers that I challenged to the bubble tape are done and I am still the winner. 12 feet!

jiorji said...

oh wow!! Ivan is a daring fella! obsessed with C-A-T-S??!! isn't that against what a rat stands for?? lol purrr purrrrr