Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm venting - you've been warned.

I'm using my blog to vent today. About what you ask? Lots of shit. I've been ridiculously cranky lately. Last week I could blame it on PMS, but not now. I've been trying to pinpoint what's been at the root of my anger. I have some ideas:

1. Cupcakes. I'm mad because I can't have one every day. There's a fab new cupcake store near my house and it's freaking awesome!!! Check out their site.

2. Polymer clay. I can't figure out how to incorporate it into my plushies. Like, making a skull head out of clay with a plush body. How the hell should I attach it?

3. Puppies. Why the hell do they have to be so cute??

4. Potty training. Good LORD it's frustrating

5. Sour krout. No. Just . . .no.

6. And this. Although I find it quite amusing. Um, and disturbing. Yeah. Probably not safe for work. Jus' sayin'.

So, this isn't everything getting on my nerves, but golly do I feel better venting!

1 comment:

MAB Jewelry said...

I will never forgive you for introducting me to Rainbow Unicorn Sex Slave Man.