Monday, September 13, 2010

ELKEN!!!! And Project 365

OMG I'm lazy!!!! So this post is Project 365 for Sunday AND Monday. And awesome pictures of ELKEN!!!! That's what I use as plural for elk. Even though "elk" is the proper term for multiple elk. And for a singular elk. See? I just taught you something.

You're welcome.

But I like to call them elken. Mainly because I'm awesome like that.

Anyway, we went to Estes Park on Sunday for the Scottish Festival. The highlight of the festival were the wild elken that were not part of the festival (Estes is a mountain town - there are elken everywhere). And that I got some delightful Lemon Curd (basically a creamy, lemony spread of the GODS!).

I love lemon.

The festival was $25 a person. A person. We thought it was free. But we went with friends and thought it would be rude to drive 3 hours and be all screw this! It's expensive! So we sucked it up and dropped $50 to get in (luckily Ayden was free). There was lots of Celtic dancing, bagpipes, traditional Scottish games (that we couldn't play because they were a competition), and tons of overpriced food and souvenirs.

For example, we found the Baird family tartan (yes, Jeremy is half Irish and yes, I know it was a Scottish festival, but there was Irish stuff there too). To buy a scarf in the Baird colors . . . .$26. For a scarf.

We didn't buy it.

Then we got a snack. A meat pie. Basically a small potpie. We split one and got a bottle of water. $9.50.

To recap: Elken and Lemon Curd = Awesome, Scottish Festival = expensive and somewhat boring.

On to the pics!

This elken looks sooooooo happy!! He was sleeping in the shade, enjoying himself.

Us, with the elken and the lake in the background.


This guy was proud of his harem.

Hooray for elken!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Pretty. I am notorious for never seeing a single animal when I go into nature. (Unless you count my trip to Yellowstone... but come on.. buffalo are everywhere there!)

MAB Jewelry said...

I bet if you rode in on a herd of elken, you would not have to pay $25 damn dollars. Ridiculous!