Saturday, September 25, 2010

I made something awesome. As usual.

I'm quite modest, yeah?

So I made this bad ass sculpture:
His name is Kirin.

He's going to take over the world some day. And he has an adorable fluffy but.

He's quite soft.

And steampunk.

And overall awesome.

Kirin is made entirely out of stuff I had around the house. His body frame is bailing wire and a battery housing. His head is a muskrat skull. His left front leg is the innards of a clamp. His right leg, a baby goat leg. His hind legs are mink legs over bailing wire. His body fur is arctic fox, and tail is pigeon feathers. And then he has tons of steampunk bits - aka watch parts! His horn thingies are watch springs and he has watch housings, gears and cogs as well.

Kirin rules.


Anonymous said...

Kirin will be in my dreams tonight...

jiorji said...

HAHAH yeah i agree with the above comment. Also...this is GENIUS!! this is way crazier than anything else you've done. I'm very impressed. You should go with this idea and make more!
yah. Fo realz! so awesome!
if you list this anything under %30 i'll have to come pinch you. And i'm real good at pinching!

and i love that you used that found pigeon's feathers :D

MAB Jewelry said...

This is eight hundred kinds of awesome. that's what it is.