Friday, October 15, 2010

Feature Friday - limaceous

Today's featured shop is limaceous!!

WARNING: This shop features Rogue Taxidermy. These pics are graphic. And awesome.

You've been warned . . . .

Zombie bunny!!!! GAAAAAAA!!! Scott a. a. Bibus is an amazing rogue taxidermist. You have to be weird to appreciate/like this type of work, and luckily, I'm both.

This muskrat is happy. Very, very happy.

Why yes. Yes that is a severed squirrel head.

Wanna see more? Head over to limaceous . . . . . . . if you dare.

1 comment:

jiorji said...

YESSS!! i can't believe you featured this. I'm glad i convo-ed(is that even a word??) you the link to that shop. :D