Monday, October 25, 2010


Each year Denver has a zombie crawl close to Halloween. What's a zombie crawl you ask?

Only some of the most awesome fun ever!!!

Basically, a bunch of people get dressed up like zombies and wander the streets of Denver.

And you bet your sweet bippy we went!
I was a zombie hunter, but alas, I got bit. And turned.

This handsome devil is my hubby. His costume was a big hit!

And Ayden, of course, was Spiderman.

Some of the costumes were fantastically elaborate!

There were over 7000 people at the crawl. We'll be making this a yearly tradition.


MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, my zombie fun! Maybe Ayden was a. . . zombie Spiderman? It could happen, and would make a hell of a comic book, now that I think of it.

jiorji said...

haha Ayden is always Spiderman. LOve that little guy.
And i'm glad he doesn't get spooked out.

they have a zombie walk here this weekend. I might go...maybe not..i don't want to be bitten! :(