Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HPC - Square Jane

It's time for the Hooters Promo Club again! This week it's all about squarejane - aka Karren from the Etsy Owls Team!
I really can't say enough about her shop. In a word, amazing. But I like words, so I'll add unique, awesome, fun, creative, cool, funky . . . .I could go on. She is an artist. A painter, a seamstriss, a crafter. She has plush, paintings, clothing, costumes, wallets, bags, gloves . . .you name it, she'll make it!

Feeling like a rockstar? Then you need these fingerless gloves!!

Steak!!! Yes, this is a kick ass steak costume. Why the hell not?

One of her fabulous paintings!! An alien with a lollipop!

Terrence the Monster! He's so cute and lookin' for love!

Wake up to bacon and eggs! Yum! One of her awesome wallets!

There is so much fabulous stuff in squarejane's shop! You need to check it out. No, really. Go. To squarejane's shop.

Do it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the monster!

Katie Kaboom said...


MAB said...

Yay for squarejane! And you didn't even mention the poop.