Thursday, October 22, 2009


We all know that I make plushies. But many of you may not know that I also draw and paint. Yep! My style has certainly evolved through the years, from highly detailed, realistic animals, to a more loose abstract style.

My mom is cleaning out her basement and found some of my very first paintings! I've never shown these to the public, only family have seen them (my hubby hadn't even seen them until my mom drug them out!).

All are oils on canvas, and circa 1995-1998, I think.

One of my very first paintings! My drawings were all highly detailed and realistic, and this was my first attempt at a more abstract representation.

A more "realistic" wolf. Also my first wolf painting ever.

My first scenery painting. My grandma paints amazing scenery and landscapes, and I think I was trying to be like her!

A painting done from a photo of a raccoon outside my dad's porch window. Note how the proportions are way off. :D

Painting of the sea. This painting is based off a famous work of art (don't ask me what the painting is called, or who the artist is - I don't remember at all). This painting was an assignment in a painting class I took when I first started college.

Another class assignment. We were supposed to paint an "issue". So my issue was deforestation, and encroachment on wildlife. So the reflection in the water is the wolf's skeleton with dead trees.
So there you have it! Artwork that the public hasn't seen!


squarejane said...

Your paintings are fantastic... you should definitely paint more!

[ j ]

JLR Designs said...

VERY nice work!!

MAB Jewelry said...

I love that last one, you talented girl, you.