Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scary movies???

Last night Jeremy and I watched Drag Me To Hell. I love a good horror flick, especially one with a supernatural element. It had a couple gross parts, but was overall just plain stupid.

Which got me thinking - are there any good horror movies that really creep me out? And I mean really creep me out. Because there are horror movies (like the Friday the 13th movies) that'll make you jump, or gross you out, but aren't really scary.

I can really only come up with one: The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

This movie scared the bejesus out of me. It's thouroughly creepy and believable, and in some scenes just horrifically wrong.
There are other movies that have creepy scenes. The one that comes to mind is The Ring. When the girl is crawling out of the tv . . .very creepy. But the movie overall wasn't that scary.
So what movies scare you? Do you have a good horror flick I should watch?


prayingforfall said...

It's not scary per say but I am Legend was fantastic.

jiorji said...

hmm i actually really hate horror movies because they're so obvious and there's too much pointless screaming and redundancy and moments like "i KNEW she was gonna die" or "yup..there HAD to be something behind that door". I like scary movies that play with your head and tip off something psychological. I think the Ring i liked because there was that weird mystery there and it wasn't obvious and it made me uncomfortable. If i saw it again today, i may think it's boring. It's not a movie you can watch over and over and get the same effect..but i guess it goes for all horror movies.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

DO NOT waste your money on "Paranormal Activity". I was so excited by the notion that a movie could unhinge me, and then it was a TOTAL let down. Rent it, then fast forward to the last 15 minutes. "A Haunting in Connecticut" was unnerving at times, and then there is the Creepshow-esque "Trick R Treat" that just came out. The "28 Days and 28 Days Later" movies were very good. Zombies are my favorite monsters and always scare me. I have my hopes set on "The 4th Kind" (comes out 11/6) scaring the poop juice right outta me. The trailer made my hair stand up.

MAB Jewelry said...

I wondered about Drag Me to Hell, such a great title! I have it on my Netflix queue. Check out The Signal and The Descent. Both are kinda nasty, but they might surprise you. Most movies aren't scary, but sometimes they do get it right.