Monday, October 5, 2009

I got a rat!!

On Mondays I normally share a nursing story. But today I'm going on hiatus to share something new and exciting with you. I got a rat!!!! Yay! If you've folloed me at all, or have seen my shop, you know I love rats. My husband is allergic to everything with fur except for dogs. I've wanted a rat, well, since we've been together, but haven't been able to have one. Jeremy was nice enough to let me get one!! Right now it is still a trial. If his allergies act up I won't be able to keep him (I do love Jeremy more than a rat!), but I'm hoping it'll be ok.

His name is Murry and he's about a year old. He's very sweet and gentle. Ayden loves him, and Zan tries to get him to chase her!
Oh, and I want to apologize for the layout. Blogger won't let me move the images around. At all. No matter what I do. Stupid blogger . . .


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Rats are the best pets ever! Whenever I have a friend who is going to buy his/her child a hamster, I try to steer them towards a rat instead. They are smart, don't bite like hamsters sometimes do, won't walk off of a table (again, those poor darling yet dimwitted hamsters) and are easily trainable.

Enjoy your new baby!


MAB said...

He's too little and cute to cause allergies. And the picture of him with your pup should be a Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

Murry is super cute! Congrats, I hope you get to keep him.

Jiorji said...

OMG he's so CUTE!! could he be your shop's second mascott? I hope you get to keep him. Maybe he;ll end up being your creative avisor and say yay or nay on your ratty creations.

Is he plague free? :\ hmm..

and ICKY DOG in the pictures!!