Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Aahhhhh, those glorious Denver Broncos. Yep. They're going to have an aweful season. But I love 'em anyways!! My hubby Jeremy and I went to the Broncos preseason game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday night. It was crazy fun, even though we lost.
Yay Mile High!!! Check out that horse!

Here we are looking all dorky! Whooooo!

Oh yeah! Touch down Broncos!!!

Oh noes! I haz a bad hair piece!
This guy was in front of us and we couldn't stop laughing at his toupe!
It was fun. We had a great time, got home late, and were dead tired at work on Monday. :)

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Rainy Day Gardener said...

Fellow Bronco fan out here in Oregon! Hope to catch a game at Mile High someday! Thanks for sharing the's cool to see what it would look like. I too am sad that it doesn't look like it will be a great season.