Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winter Finds!

Good morning! It's snowing at my house in Colorado, windy, and butt-ass cold! Woot! The cold weather has inspired me to search Etsy for wintery items, and of course I need to share them with you!

First up is this delightfully adorable Jester hat from OopsIKnitItAgain! A very stylish cap for your baby!

This silver flake necklace from pennydogaccessories reminds me of a delicate icicle! It's stunning!

This fleece hat with fox ears from QuteWear is too damn cute!! I think I may need to buy it . . .

And lastly, this too-cute bunny hat from LittleSidekick! Sorry guys, I'm a sucker for cute babies!

The snow is still coming down, but it's not sticking. And I'm on my second cup'o'joe! Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Snow? Already? It was 93 degrees in Portland, OR yesterday. I can't imagine.

Bonzai Beadwear said...

aw what cute little hats!! :)

Jenni said...

wow ~ we are heat waving here in Portland ~ snow seems..wrong. ;) Cute finds! Always enjoy your blog ~ Cheers

Anonymous said...

Those hats are sooo cute and the necklace reminds me of ice sickles...very pretty.