Friday, September 11, 2009

Feature Friday - Teonova

Today I'm featuring the amazing shop Teonova. The talent behind Teonova has been making leather masks since 2001 and has sold over 1700! And looking at the quality of workmanship, you can understand why. These masks are quite beautiful and perfect for Halloween, a masquearade ball, renaissance fair . . . whatever you can imagine!

This one is a little devilish and perfect for Halloween! The colors and subtle shading are stunning.

I want this fox mask so bad. It is amazing. Just amazing.

She offers more simple masks as well. Again, the subtle shading of colors is gorgeous.

She also has leather cuffs in a dizzying array of patterns and colors.

I'd love to post every mask she has but I'll leave it to you to check out her shop. You'll be happy you did.


Kate8085 said...

I'm with you, that fox mask is amazing!!

RedMarionette said...

Ive always thought that leather masks are beautiful! Those are great!