Sunday, September 13, 2009

My son, the nurse

Well, he likes to pretend he's a nurse! He's a true mommy's boy and loves copying me. So when I get home from work he likes to wear my stethascope and badge and "listen" to me, the dog, daddy, the couch . . .

Here he is, looking the part. See the big grin? So happy to look like mommy!

And "listening" to daddy's leg. Note how the ear pieces aren't in his ears . . .

Leg sounds good. Better check the heart. Again, without ear pieces . . . Who knows? Maybe he'll take after me and be a nurse!

My dog Zan . . .she smells bad right now. Sitting next to me while I type and she smells like she rolled in something not quite alive. Just thought I'd share that.

1 comment:

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Rolling in something...well...past it's prime is kind of a dog's job, I think. You are Icky Dog, after all! Definitely Icky!