Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today's post is a little weird. I'm at work right now. I got off late last night after a 14 hour, very busy shift, and was too darn tired to do my blog post for today. So here we are! No fun pictures or anything (I'll make up for it tomorrow - I promise!). I did however get an update yesterday on the baby I sent to Childrens Hospital in Denver a week and a half ago. He had open heart surgery on a week ago Monday. He had a coarctation of the aorta (fixable), hypoplastic left heart syndrome (not very fixable), and no mitral valve (kind of fixable). They left his chest open after the surgery and closed him up this past Saturday. The mom was finally able to hold him on Sunday. However, even with several more surgeries scheduled, his outlook is not good. Right now it's day by day (last week it was hour by hour), but he's not expected to see his first birthday. So please send some prayers out to this little guy and his family. They need all the support they can get.


MAB said...

What you do for a living is so amazing to me. I have great respect for that, and send my thoughts to this little one.

Lynn said...

Thank you. I know they will appreciate it.

Bonzai Beadwear said...

Wow, I will keep him in my thoughts + prayers :)