Friday, September 25, 2009

Feature Friday: Blue Bayer Designs

Today's feature is a truly amazing shop. I found him by way of Etsy's front page. His shop, Blue Bayer Designs (aka billyblue22), is unique, inspired, and fresh. Blue is a self-taught artist and I adore his use of steampunk, skulls, and victorian jewelry.

His pieces are cast from real skulls and can be plated with gold or silver.

This hummingbird skull is quite stunning, intricate, and beautiful.
Steampunk is a running theme in his shop, and is lovely.

Digging this bat skull!
If you want something unique and truly beautiful, visit Blue Bayer Designs. I know I'll be buying from him soon!


Katie Kaboom said...

Love it, wish I were that fancy.;p

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Fabulous! That hummingbird skull is awesome! And the bat skull is mine if you don't get it first!