Monday, January 25, 2010

Adam Lambert = HAWT!!!!!!

Last season's American Idol is the only one I ever watched. And it was because of Adam Lambert. One, his voice is phenomenal. Second, he's freaking hot.

See that? Yum!!

So yeah, I know he's gay and all, but you can't deny his hottness!!!

Nor can you deny his raw talent. And yes, I have downloaded his CD - and it rocks. Not to mention that he has a theatrical background which makes his onstage performances a treat to watch.

Okay. I'll stop drooling now.


MAB Jewelry said...

I don't watch Idol either, but this guy is amazing. My mom has the biggest crush on him, how cute is that?

Anonymous said...

maybe you didn't get the memo... he's a pretty boy but he's playing for the other team! [i used to have a crush on Constantine Maroules... a few seasons ago]

Anonymous said...

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