Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creepy Dolls

Creepy Dolls is a shop that I admire. Her dolls are, well, creepy!

This gal features a resin monkey skull for her head. Ain't she cute?

WAAAAAY creepy! I'd love this as a Halloween prop!

Zombie Easter Bunny, anyone?

It's surprising, really, that I like these dolls. No, really. I hate porcelain dolls. They scare me. They follow me with their eyes and plot my death.

But make them even more creepy, and I like them.

Wanna see more? Pop on over to Creepy Dolls!

1 comment:

jiorji said...

yup this is EXACTLY why i hate porcelain dolls. Because to me, this is what they look like!!!! creepy! weird vibes man!