Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Want Free Earrings?

One blog I read daily is MAB's notes on jewelry, life, and ephemera. (A great blog, by the way). So anyway, she's featuring a giveaway from The Lost Earring! Well, I like free stuff, and I like getting more entries for free stuff, so here I go, bloggity blogging the giveaway!

But hey, I'm not a jerk or anything, so I did check out her shop. And let me tell you - she has got some AWESOME stuff!

Like these colored pencil earrings! How cute are these?!

And Japanese maple seeds - very unique and pretty!

I can envision Zan's icky-cute face on one of these!

Very fun stuff!

Alright - back to the giveaway! Want to know what you can win?

Eeep! Cute earrings using film negatives! These would look soooo cute with my new sweater from Victoria's Secret!! Rawr!
Alright - to enter you need to visit Miss MAB!
And don't forget to check out The Lost Earring - you're sure to find something you love!


MAB Jewelry said...

Hey, thanks! Good luck, hope you win those groovy little dangles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Miss MAB I got a link to this post :) Thank you VERY much for the sweet words. Awesome!