Friday, January 15, 2010

I Found a Fab Giveaway!

I know I've said it before, but I really like free stuff. Well, I found another awesome giveaway! AND, since I'm all about extra entries to win said free stuff, I'm blogging the giveaway! Woot! But hey, I'm not a jerk who's just gonna post a little linky to the blog with the giveaway and be all "hey look at me I blogged the giveaway I'd like my extra entry". That would be rude. And I'm a proper lady.

Stop laughing. I am a lady. A crude, politically incorrect, zombie obsessed lady, but a lady none-the-less.

So anyway, the shop giving away wonderful free things is Muffin Top Designs. Check out her shop - it's FREAKING AWESOME! But she's not hosting it on her own blog (which you can visit here). Nope! It's being hosted by Epicurean Style!

What do you win?

These ridiculously awesome kick-ass earrings! Hand hammered and cold forged Argentine silver. Want.

But remember, I'm not a jerk so I feel the need to share more of her wonderful designs!

I love these rings! Hand hammered silver and copper. She has such a lovely variety in her shop. And I love how all her jewelry has a loose, organic feel to it.

Her Nest Egg series is equally impressive and beautiful.
Alright. You've got the linkies above. So I suggest you visit Muffin Top's shop and visit the blogs.
Just don't enter the giveaway - I don't want more competition.


Anonymous said...

ooh on my way to check it out!

MAB Jewelry said...

You are indeed a proper lady. That's why we get along so well.