Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Freaking Awesome Secret Santa Gift!!!!!

So this Christmas the Owls Team had a Secret Santa swap! And I was lucky enough to have Miss Karren of Square Jane make me my gift!!! I've gotten goodies from her before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!

What did I get? Check it out!!

First off, fingerless gloves!!! I had been thinking about getting some and voila! Karren delivers! They're awesome! Soft and warm . . . and just look at how bad-ass I look in them! I love these!

Next, my FREAKING AWESOME NEW BAG!!!!! Oh yes - that IS a zombie bunny on there! How perfect is that!! And she made it out of a rain coat!

Here's a close up of the zombie bunny with his ear up. It's just soooo perfect! And matches my zombie bunny wallet that she made for me!

I wuvs Karren! and if you want to see more of her awesome stuff, then by all means visit her shop!!


MAB Jewelry said...

Karren IS awesome. Plus, you look like you could fight crime in those fingerless gloves.

Anonymous said...

Love the cables on your fingerless gloves and the color is awesome too!