Monday, January 4, 2010

Icky in the AM

Good morning! Mom didn't feel like blogging today, so I took over the task. Not that it's a hard thing to do, lazy bum.

In case you're wondering, you're hanging with the Queen of Ick - that's right - the icky dog behind Icky Dog.
I thought you might enjoy learning how my typical morning goes.

After doing my business outside, I like to drag my lips on the rug and my legs. I have allergies and my damn lips itch - get over it!

Stop taking stupid pictures. My bowl isn't going to fill itself.

She had to get one with food in my mouth. Rotten broad.

Next, my allergy pills in peanut butter. And I'll take them only in peanut butter.

After the peanut butter I need to lick the inside of my front legs. Yes, I do this every time. If you have to ask why, then you wouldn't understand.

Then I like to roll around on the couch and generally just act cute.

Um, ignore the wet spot on the couch. I was still licking my legs and I got a little carried away.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rousing peek at my life! Stay icky!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! My dog licks too and will lick around any pill, even if it's covered in peanut butter. I have no idea how she does it. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Icky talks!

MAB Jewelry said...

It's my mom's dog all over again! He rubs his nose on this corduroy ottoman she keeps just for him, and moves the ottoman all over the house. Then, he sneezes like a psycho for about five minutes straight. Then repeat, until my mom yells at him.

jiorji said...

i luvs you Princess Icky!!
i love the last shot.