Friday, March 5, 2010

Feature Friday - Damsel In This Dress

Oh Feature Friday, how I've missed you.

And today's Feature Friday is a fabulous shop - and one of my absolute favorites!

Damsel in this Dress makes gorgeous custom corsets. And when I say gorgeous, I mean gorgeous!!!

Damsel in this Dress has ready made corsets, but will also custom make a corset to fit your specific measurements.

I mean come on! LOOK at this pirate coat!!!

And this skirt . . . . . . mmmmmmmm!
One reason that I love this shop so much is the pricing. These are high quality corsets that are very reasonably priced.
AND I ordered one! Yep. A custom made corset! It should be arriving in the mail tomorrow! (or today - squeel!)
I'll get pics - don't worry. But in the meantime, if you need a corset, or just wanna drool over some, then visit Damsel in this Dress.

1 comment:

MAB said...

Oh, hell, I want that pirate corset! I want it so so bad.