Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm running a 10K!!

Yeah. You read that right. I'm going to run in my first ever marathon!!! Woot!

Icky, why the hell would you do that?

Well, my friends twisted my arm. The race we're doing is called the Bolder Boulder and it's held (conveniently) in Boulder Colorado. It's held every year on Memorial day and is the second largest 10K in the US!
Memorial Day is may 31st, which gives me about 10 weeks to get myself ready for it. I certainly won't be jogging the whole race (it's 10 freaking kilometers - that's 6.2 miles!), but I want to jog most of it.

Which means training.

I started training today. So I did spinning for 55 minutes and then a jog/walk combo for 20 minutes.
Here's a nice bag of tater tots on my knee. I'm not used to running. I ran when I was younger (like when I was 18) and I dislocated both of my kneecaps. So I haven't really done any running since (every time I do my knees get sore).
But, I'm doing this!
Go me!!!


EtsyFoodSnob said...

Good luck with your training - I know you can do this! I just started running in Oct of last year and could barely make it 2 minutes and now I can do a 5k :)

Keep us posted!

MAB Jewelry said...

Go you! Magical fabulous chick!