Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yeah. I crammed 6 feet of gum in my mouth.


Okay. So I was challenged by fellow Owls team member Tattie Tats. Challenged to do what, you ask? Um, see how much Bubble Tape bubble gum I can chew at one time.
Now, Miss Tattie has a nice little video of herself chewing the gum on her blog. Yeah . . . .I don't. Mainly because I'm too lazy to videotape myself and upload it and whatnot. I also don't know how. Tattie managed to chew 8 freaking feet of bubble tape gum. Holy shitballs why?!?!

I was optomistic. I bought 2 rolls. 2 rolls = 12 feet of gum.

That's 6 feet of gum yo!

I'm gonna get my chew on!

Almost got a full 6 feet in there!
Check out that cheek pooch!

I have a full 6 feet of gum in my mouth. WTF? Now, I probably could have crammed another foot or two of gum in. But, the thing is, I HATE CHEWING GUM!!! Like, the act of chewing gum makes me angry. I'm good for about 2 minutes, but then the fact that I have to keep chewing pisses me off.

Don't judge me.

So I had to spit it out.


But I tried. Jeremy thought I was dumb to take up the challenge and then post it on my blog. But I did this for science. The world is a better place since we know I can fit 6 feet of gum in my mouth.

Your welcome.

And here's the chewed wad. It looks kinda like a testicle.

And now I will "tag" 2 fellow bloggers to take up the challenge! Yeah!
1. Laura from MABJewelry
2. Amber from What the french, toast?
Go get your chew on!


EtsyFoodSnob said...

Ahahahaha -

I needed this laugh today.

Thank! (And I'm totally trying this)

Anonymous said...

Cami! I'll take your silly challenge. All I have to beat is beat 8 feet? I have a big mouth so we'll see. Hey, I'm curious why you tagged this post with "testicles". I am paying attention!!!

Lindsey said...

Hahahahahaha! That's great! It is kinda a weird thing to do, huh? I don't really like chewing gum, either, but it was all for fun. Now, what are you going to do with the other roll? I bet it's long enough to tie someone up...

Anonymous said...

PS: I did it, and blogged about it. All 12 feet of fun. ewwwh.

MAB Jewelry said...

Yeah, I don't chew gum either, because I do that like I do everything else. . . like my life depends on it! Then I get a smashing headache. When I'm out tomorrow, I'll look for gum, but I know there's no way I can beat you guys. You are the champions, my friends.

Hahahaha, you said testicle.